August 19, 2011

Pictures from the Reich 5

Women bringing in the harvest
Women working at an aircraft plant. While the emergence of women in the U.S. as a wartime workforce has been widely publicized, it is not mentioned that the same was the case in Germany.
Women working at telephone switchboards
Nurses taking care of city children sent to the countryside to avoid Allied bombing. While the evacuation of British children has been the basis for much literature, German children endangered by enemy bombing have been ignored.
Soldier talking with a female train conductor
Female laboratory assistant
Female technical assistant
Nuremberg Rally 1936. 90,000 NSDAP followers with 25,000 flags marched to the Duzendteich.
Nuremberg Rally 1937
Nuremberg Rally with the “Cathedral of Light” designed by architect Albert Speer. It consisted of 130 searchlights at intervals of 12 meters aimed toward the sky around the parade grounds. British Ambassador Sir Nevile Henderson called it “both solemn and beautiful ... like being in a cathedral of ice.”
The Nuremberg Rally parade grounds seen from a distance. The event could be seen miles away.
Eager Hitler Youth drummers at the Nuremberg Rally
Nuremberg Rally 1938
Nuremberg Rally 1938, in the center of Nuremberg
Nuremberg Rally 1938, in the center of Nuremberg

 Sculpture by National Socialist Arnold Breker. The following art is also by Arnold Breker.