August 19, 2011

Pictures from the Reich 1

No matter how accurately the facts present the truth, people's minds are still influenced by imagery. Many still think that snowy Iran is a desert inhabited by women clad in black, for example. It is therefore worth showing some pictures from the Third Reich that are never otherwise seen by most people. Finding pictures from everyday life is difficult, but the photographs below should nevertheless give the reader a perspective not usually provided.

The pictures below can be found here along with a great deal of additional material.
Family listening to the Volksempfänger, a radio produced cheaply so it would be affordable for all families. Painting by Paul Padua.
Section of a larger painting by Adolf Reich titled The Wool Collection at a Munich Local Group. It displays a drive for collecting woolen goods. It was part of an effort at displaying the Nazist idea of Volksgemeinschaft, People Community, members of all classes and ages working together for Germany.
Picture from Mother's Day card
Painting by Hitler, 1914
Painting by Hitler in his youth. The paintings and drawings below were also made by Hitler.