August 19, 2011

Pictures from the Reich 4

Reich President Hindenburg greeting Reich Chancellor Hitler on Memorial Day, March 12 1933
Robert Ley and Ferdinand Porsche giving Hitler a model of the Volkswagen as a birthday present. Hitler had desired the building of a cheap car that ordinary German families could afford.
President Hindenburg greeted by an SA honor guard at Potsdam
The Reich Chancellery in Berlin
The Reich Chancellery in Berlin, Hitlers office
The Reich Chancellery in Berlin, the marble gallery
One of two Honor Temples in Munich for the 16 men who died in the abortive NSDAP putch attempt in 1927. The building of these temples was part of an effort to give the people a new spirituality based on the nation instead of religion.
The Honor Temples in Munich
One of the two Honor Temples at a ceremony in Munich
Poster of SA member fighting back communists in a meeting hall during the Kampfzeit, the time before the NSDAP came to power in 1933
SA man standing by a fallen comrade
The Führerbau, a major Party office building in Munich
Hitler’s office in the Munich Führerbau
The Munich Führerbau
Horst Wessel leading an SA column at the 1929 Nuremberg Rally. He was shot soon thereafter in his home by a communist. The Horst Wessel Lied, the Horst Wessel Song, became the rallying song of the Sturmabteilung, which was created to fight communists who attacked Conservative and Nationalist political meetings after World War I.
Photograph from the Reich Youth Rally in Potsdam, 1932
SA march in Sadortmund, 1933
Hitler speaking at the SA rally in Dortmund, 1933
Hitler speaking at the SA rally in Dortmund, 1933
The poster says: “Hitler is building. Help him. Buy German goods.
Poster advertising the German autobahn system built in the 1930s, the most modern road system in Europe at the time
Postcard celebrating the Anschluss, the peaceful incorporation of Austria into Germany 1938. Königsberg is still separated from the rest of Germany. Other German lands still belong to Poland and Czechoslovakia.