June 14, 2011

The Communist Party USA - Who Gave the USSR the Bomb?

It was never a mass movement – it only had 80,000 members in 1940, and perhaps half that number in the 1950s. But many of the members of the Communist Party USA were well positioned to influence society as college professors, labor union leaders, actors and journalists. Some had amassed considerable wealth in “capitalist” endeavors. As we shall see, it was a mostly Jewish affair.

These communist spies gave the Soviet Union the research secrets that allowed them to build nuclear missiles, thereby threatening the whole world with nuclear war. It is remarkable that Jews, even with their long record of shady dealings, came so close to destroying the entire planet.

The Communist Party of the United States was involved in several high-publicized espionage cases: the Amerasia Trial, the Gerhart Eisler Trial, the Judith Coplin Trial, the Alger Hiss Trial, the Hollywood Ten,” the Fuchs-Gold espionage ring, the Rosenberg-Sobell Trial, and the case with Eugene Dennis and the “Convicted Eleven.” It is impossible to determine the ethnicity of all party members. Yet diligent research by Frank L. Britton, published in his book Behind Communism, 1953, has provided us with most of the facts.

The Amerasia Trial

The FBI arrested six individuals in 1945, charged with the theft of 1,700 highly classified State Department documents. The six were:

Philip Jaffe – Jew, arrived from Russia in 1905, editor of the Amerasia magazine
Andrew Roth – Jew born in Brooklyn, lieutennant in the Marine Corps Intelligence
Mark Gayn – Jew, née  Julius Ginsberg, born in Manchuria, writer
John Stewart Service – civil servant in the State Department, delivered stolen material to Jaffe. Probably not a Jew.
Emanuel Larsen – race unknown
Kate Mitchel – race unknown

The trial against Philip Jaffe was speedy and odd. He was brought to court without publicity late on a Friday afternoon, where he quickly declared himself guilty, then was sentenced and fined $1,500. Thus he was spared the risk of any future trial. Andrew Roth would only pay a fine of $500. John Stewart Service was neither fined nor fired from his job at the State Department – despite the fact that the FBI had recorded his phone conversations with Philip Jaffe, in which they discussed their crimes.

The Alger Hiss Trial

Alger Hiss – Jew, lawyer, U.S. State Department official. He was an advisor to President Roosevelt, he did work for the United Nations, and he was one of the authors of the UN Charter. He was sentenced and tried for denying his communist leanings, thereby committing perjury – he was shielded from an espionage trial because of the statue of limitations. He was a protégé of Supreme Court judge Felix Frankfurter, a Jew with openly radical left-wing opinions, who had been his professor at Harvard.

(It is worth noting that President Roosevelt’s close friend Felix Frankfurter, a Jewish immigrant from Austria, helped more than 200 “protégés” to high positions in government and other institutions. Three examples are: Nathan Witt, Jew, general secretary of the National Labor Relations Board; Lee Pressman, Jew, the primary law advisor for the CIO; John Apt, Jew, main prosecutor for the SEC, AAA, and WPA. All three were Marxists. Pressman admitted to being a member of the Communist Party.)

Judith Coplin –Jewess, arrested in 1949 when handing over documents from the State Department to a Soviet agent, who was an employee at the United Nations. Sentenced to fifteen years in jail – but the ruling was overturned by the Supreme Court on technicalities.

Gerhart Eisler – Jew, the secret leader of the American Communist Party from 1935 to February 1947. His right-hand man was J. Peters, author of Peters Manuel, also a Jew. He was tried as a communist agent and fled while free on bail in May 1950. He would become the head of propaganda in East Germany.

The Hollywood Ten

In 1950, ten Hollywood movie makers were convicted of contempt against the U.S. Senate – nine of the ten were Jews. All had refused to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1948.

Hollywood was in an uproar. Jewish-owned newspapers were whipping up a storm all over the country. According to the media owners the ten were guilty of, at most, mere liberal leanings.

In fact, six of the ten were members of the Communist Party. The other four had been involved in well-documented communist activities, supported by the Soviet Union. (It should be noted that advocating and working for the overthrow of the U.S. Government was illegal at the time under the Smith Act.)

The ten were:

Alvah Bessie – Jew, screenwriter, member of the Communist Party, had been a writer for the communist publication New Masses
Herbert Biberman – Jew, movie director, member of the Communist Party
Lester Cole – Jew, screenwriter, member of the Communist Party
Edward Dmytryk – Jew, movie director, member of the organization 15 Fronts
Ring Lardner, Jr. – Jew, screenwriter, member of the Communist Party
John Howard Lawson – Jew, script writer in Hollywood and on Broadway, member of the Communist Party
Albert Maltz – Jew, screenwriter, member of the Communist Party
Sam Ornitz – Jew, screenwriter
Adrian Scott – ethnicity unknown, screenwriter, producer
Dalton Trumbo – Jew, screenwriter, member of the Communist Party

Eugene Dennis and the Convicted Eleven 

This group made up the National Secretariat of the Communist Party of the United States – the would-be politburo of America. They were tried under the Smith Act, banning activities meant to overthrow the U.S. Government. The trial against them was heavily publicized, and shed light on the Jewish nature of the party. In a nation where only 2.5 percent of the population is Jewish, at least six of the eleven “politburo” members were Jews:

Jacob Stachel – Russian-born Jew
John Gates – Jew, née Israel Regenstreif, chief editor of The Daily Worker and a former officer in the Spanish Communist Brigade
Gilbert Green – Jew, née Greenberg
Gus Hall – Jew, née Arvo Mike Halberg, the son of Lithuanian Jews
Irving Potash – Jew, born in Russia
Carl Winter – Jew, née Philip Carl Weissberg
The ethnicity of Eugene Dennis (Waldron), Robert Thompson and John Williamson was never determined. The eleventh member, Winston, was a Negro.

Fuchs, Gold and Their Spies

Klaus Fuchs – White, convicted of treason in February 3, 1949, for having smuggled nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. Born in Germany he was brought to the United States to work at the Manhattan Project at Albert Einstein’s personal request. He had access to nuclear secrets between the years 1942-1945.

Information from Fuchs led to the arrest of nine other members of a communist spy ring. All nine were tried and convicted; eight of the nine were Jews. The spy ring consisted of the following individuals:

Harry Gold – Jew, née Goldodnitsky, born in Switzerland, functioned as a courier. He went back and forth across the country, gathering national secrets for transfer to the leaders in the Soviet Union.
David Greenglass – Jew, the son of a Russian-Jewish father and a Polish Jewess. Worked at a research facility in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and delivered nuclear secrets to Gold. He also gave information to Julius Rosenberg regarding the “fuse” of the atom bomb.
Abraham Brothman – Jew, head of A. Brothman and Associates, an engineering firm. He supplied Gold with information about air fuel, turbo engines, and synthetic rubber. A Soviet civil servant is said to have proclaimed him to be as important as two Russian army brigades.
Miriam Moskowitz – Jew, employee at the War Manpower Commission 1942-1944. She had connections to Brothman’s firm.
Sidney Weinbaum – Jew, née Israel Weinbaum. Born in Russia. He had connections to the radiation research at Cal-Tech for four years, and transferred secrets to the Soviet Union. However, he was only convicted of perjury.
Alfred Dean Slack – White, employed at the research institute in Oak Ridge. He delivered research results to Gold.

The Rosenbergs

Three more members of the Fuchs spy ring were arrested, but they declared themselves not guilty in court. The result was that two of them – Julius and Ethel Rosenberg – were sentenced to death, and the third, Morton Sobell, was sentenced to thirty years in jail. The Rosenbergs were Jews.

Hollywood and the media have made the Rosenbergs martyrs; there is no end to the Hollywood condemnation of their “cruel” deaths as a result of anti-communist paranoia in documentaries and movies. The media strategy has been to always focus on the two receiving the death penalty whenever the story is brought up, to the point where their actual crimes become a mere sidenote.

Scientist X

Finally, there was the case of Scientist X, who provided Steve Nelson with vital documents regarding nuclear energy in 1943. Those involved were:

Joseph W. Weinberg – Jew, from the University of Minnesota, who turned out to be the mysterious “Scientist X”
Steve Nelson – Jew, née Mesarosh, born in Belgrade. He studied at the Lenin Institute in Moscow and lived in Russia in September 1931 - July 1943.

How Did They Do It?

How did these communist agents get access to vital information, which was kept under strict secrecy? At one time when a research facility was on fire, the firemen were refused access to put out the flames because they lacked clearance – so strict was security. Not even members of the U.S. Congress knew of the research – and yet all these Jews and other communists could seemingly walk right in. Why?

It should be mentioned that the man in charge of the Los Alamos Institute 1942-1945, when most of the theft was committed, was Robert Oppenheimer, a Jew. Was he a communist? We know that his brother Frank was; he was even a member of the Communist Party. And we know that the Jew Albert Einstein had been a member of no less than sixteen Red organizations and gave the USSR’s Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee a warm welcome in New York; we don't know if he was a formal member of the Communist Party of the United States, but his social circle reads as a “Who’s Who” of American communism. Remember that Einstein’s personal request was a determining factor in bringing Klaus Fuchs to the United States.

Ironically, Albert Einstein had proclaimed himself a pacifist – when living in Germany. With the Soviet Union building up its strength in the east, he declared publicly that it was immoral for Germany to arm herself. When he came to the United States and Britain-France attacked Germany his pacifism went out the window, and he sent a letter to Roosevelt urging him to start working on an atom bomb that could be used against Germany. As we have seen, his friends were anything but pacifists, delivering nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union for wartime use.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Harry Truman shortly after the Japanese surrender in World War II placed the American nuclear-energy program in the hands of a board consisting of five men, of which three were Jews. The Jewish chairman of this board was David Lilienthal, who had been a member of at least two communist front organizations.

This may provide an explanation to what made the espionage possible.

The Canadian Spy Ring

To tell the story of the United States only would be insufficient. In 1945, an employee at the Soviet embassy in Ottawa sought asylum in Canada, and brought with him a suitcase full of hundreds of stolen documents. With the help of these documents the Canadian authorities could arrest the members of a far-reaching communist spy ring. Some of the members were:

Fred Rose – Jew, née Rosenberg, born in Poland, the only Jewish member of the Canadian parliament. He was the leader of the spy ring.
Dr. Raymond Boyer – White, married to the Jewess Anita Cohen. He was a professor at McDill University and provided the Soviet Union with information about the secret explosive RDX.
J. Isidor Gottheil – Jew
Israel Halperin – Jew
Sam Carr – Jew, née Cohen

The New Politburo

When Eugene Dennis and his comrades had been arrested, the Communist Party of the United States needed new leaders. The reserves were called in – 21 new members, of which 14 were Jews. All were tried for conspiracy against the U.S. Government under the Smith Act in 1951. They were:

Israel Amter – Jew, created the organization “American Friends of the Soviet Union,” of which Albert Einstein was a member
Marian Maxwell Abt – Jew, secretary of the party’s “Commission of Defense”
Isidore Begun – Jew, party writer, former teacher in New York
Alexander Bittelman – Jew, born in Russia, one of the party’s “leading theoreticians and dialectics”
George B. Charney – Jew, born in Russia, president of the committee on labor unions in the party’s New York chapter
Elizaberth Gurley Flynn – White, chairwoman of the party’s “women’s commission”
Betty Gannet – Jew, born in Poland, foreign citizen, in charge of education policy
Simon W. Gerson – probably Jew, head of the party’s “legislative bureau for the state of New York”
Victory Jeremy Jerome – Jew, born in Poland, head of the party’s culture commission
Arnold Samuel Johnson – White, temporary chairman of the fifth district, western Pennsylvania
Claudia Jones – Black, citizen of Trinidad, head of the “national women’s commission”
Albert Francis Lannon – ethnicity unknown, “national coordinator of maritime policy” and in charge of the Maryland and Washington, D.C. chapter
Jacob Mindel – Jew, born in Russia, at 69 years of age a veteran in the party
Petty Perris – Black, national secretary of the party’s Negro commission
Alexander Trachtenberg – Jew, head of International Publishers, Inc
Louis Weinstock – Jew, born in Hungary
Wm. Wold Weinstone – Jew, born in Russia, former secretary in the Michigan chapter
Fred Fine – Jew, would leave the party a few years later due to internal conflicts
James Edward Jackson – Black, head of the party’s “Southern directorate”
Wm. Norman Marron – Jew, born in Russia, executive secretary of the Communist Party in the state of New York
Sidney Steinberg – Jew, born in Lithuania, “assistant national secretary of labor”

Arrests in 1951

The FBI arrested fifteen of the Communist Party’s leaders in July 26, 1951, all on the west coast. It was soon determined that they were only second-tier leaders – after all, the top brass were already in prison. A few days later five other second-tier leaders were arrested, this time on the east coast. They were all tried for conspiring against the government of the United States.

Six of the fifteen on the west coast were identified as Jews. The fifteen were:

Henry Steinberg – Jew, born in Poland
Rose Chernin – Jew, née Kusnitz, born in Russia
Frank Carlson – Jew, born in Russia
Ben Dobbs – Jew from New York
Frank Spector – Jew, born in Russia
Al Richmond – Jew, born in Russia
Dorothy Healey – White
Philip Connely – White
Otto Fox – White
Carl Rude Lambert – probably a Jew
The remaining five – ethnicity unknown

Of the five arrested on the east coast, four turned out to be Jews. The five were:

Regina Frankfeld – Jew, party organizer from Cleveland
George Meyers – Jew, party organizer
Philip Frankfeld – Jew, party organizer
Rose Blumberg – Jew from Brooklyn
Roy Wood – White, chairman of the Communist Party in Washington D.C.

Prominent Communist Gentiles

Three White individuals should be mentioned in every discussion of the Communist Party: Vanderbilt Field, Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley. All three left the Communist Party, and two became enemies of communism.

Vanderbilt Field – when the media sought to hide the ethnic aspects of communism in the United States, they would often mention Vanderbilt Field. This man was simply in charge of the “Committee for Civil Rights,” which collected money for the communists’ many trials. He was married to the Jewess Anita Cohen, ex-wife of the convicted spy Raymond Boyer. 

Whittaker Chambers – one of the most important witnesses in the Alger Hiss trial. A former editor of The Daily Worker, he later became an editor of Time. (How can an ex-communist get an editorial job at a major magazine? By now, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you.) He began his career in the Communist Party in 1932, but later left, joined the Catholic Church and became an opponent of communism. He provided the FBI and the House Committee on Un-American Activities with vital information in their efforts to track down the leaders of the Communist Party. He was married to a Jewess. 

Elizabeth Bentley – she was a courier for the communist spy ring for several years, and a mistress of the Jew Jacob Golos, a Soviet agent and her closest boss. He died from a heart attack on Thanksgiving in 1943, and Elizabeth would turn against the Communist Party after his death. She cooperated with the FBI and the House Committee on Un-American Activities.